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Have a project that needs completing but don’t want or need to hire someone full time for that specific project? You can save valuable time and money by introducing a consultant to your team. 

Many of my clients have projects that arise, but no trained in-house staff to manage them. Other clients hire me to enjoy the benefits of a full-time project manager without the coinciding overhead and benefits packages. I manage projects ranging from $1K all the way up to $100M. My experience ranges from signs and branding all the way to federal government contracts.

Regardless of the project, rest assured that your business will be kept in the highest level of confidentiality. Your stakeholders and others will never need to know that you have hired a consultant.


I offer a number of training courses that can help your team reach its goals and perform at maximum capacity, including Lessons Learned, What Makes a Great Project Manager, Working with Vendors, and more.


The old adage goes something like, you don’t know what you don’t know. Many times, clients recognize that there is an issue in their team (or their process or their organization, etc.), but cannot seem to pinpoint the issue. In this case, I often suggest bringing in an outside perspective. See, when we work every day in a process and with a group, it becomes difficult to see the reality of the situation. As an external observer, I can quickly isolate the issue or issues you are dealing with and offer suggestions for improvement. I can additionally offer training if we decide that would be helpful.

Other times, it is obvious where the problem lies. Sometimes, we are not dealing so much with a problem as a characteristic that could use some improvement. For example, you may recognize that your vendor relations system is not working as well as it could and the system is costing you precious budget dollars. I can help resolve the issue and get you on the smoother path with minimal internal distractions.


Reorganization is never fun. Most companies will put it off for years, in fact. However, optimum resource utilization can result in higher employee morale, better resource allocation, and a smoother overall process. Bringing in a consultant to help reorganize (even in a minimal way), can alleviate stress, get things working again, and prevent hard feelings.