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Project Management: A PM Approach for Everyone

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Project management - the term sounds at once academic and esoteric, particularly if you lack firsthand experience managing projects of any scale or scope. However, it's becoming more and more important for businesses large and small to accurately manage projects to achieve desired outcomes, adhere to budgets, and achieve key deliverables. Of course, there's more to it than simply deciding "I'll manage that project". Who would be a good inclusion on your team? Who will sponsor the project? Do you need a steering committee to keep stakeholders involved and connected? Would one of the Agile family of methodologies be the best fit? Would the waterfall method be a better option? Perhaps PMI or even Extreme Programming would deliver key benefits needed? Project management is at once mystifying and essential to modern organizations attempting to achieve success and profitability, while cementing client satisfaction and building a positive brand. In this book, author Robert Voigt drills into the history of project management, how the processes (and even the underlying concepts) have changed over time, and addresses crucial elements ranging from team formation to choosing the right project management methodology for specific projects. Project management can be demystified - discover the reality behind this vital business process.